Slow Learning: 6 Easy tips for the parents to help their child

Slow learning causes, challenge faced by slow learners, how to identify slow learners? remedial teaching for slow learners, 6 easy tips for parents to help slow learners at home.

The basic concept of slow learners is they have the ability to learn the skills but slower than their classmates. Physically they are normal and only they lack academic skills. In fact, many slow learners are very patient, cooperative, and emotionally stable. I hope this article will help you to better understand the problem of slow learners and help them learn future positively.

“Yes I am a slow learner, but I always make sure I learn from it; No matter how much is left inside me.” –Nomadic thoughts.

It’s a big stress for parents to know their child is a slow learner. But don’t let your frustration on your child who is fed up and drained already by trying hard to learn or grasp things that they cannot. I found my elder son has a learning disability with slow learning and IQ level below average at the age of 5. Trust me we can help our child to improve their condition.

Parents are the first and very good mentors for their children because they understand their children very well than anyone. Believe very strongly that your child is a unique one and he/ she can improve my practice. Say it to yourself that you are the perfect mentor for your child and train or help your child to overcome this problem. In this article, we will see the training tips to help the child learn at home.

 Slow learners cannot be medically categorized but people use the term to define a child who has the ability to study and learn the academic skills but at a very slow rate compared to others with the same peer groups. They need more time and repeated repetitions and tremendous support from the teachers or guides to be successful or overcome the defect.

What is the definition of slow learning?

It means a child with limited intelligence or having poor academic performance, exactly to say they get poor scores with the material taught in an ordinary school. They struggle with the normal education system hence they need special education.

What causes a child to be a slow learner?

Causes can be classified into personal and outside effect

Personal influences like

  • The poor parental attitude affects the child.
  • Feeling of inadequacy
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Poor quality of food
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Sometimes dislike of teacher or classroom atmosphere
  • Extreme anxiety

Outside influences are

  • Inappropriate opportunities in school
  • Poor teaching
  • Choosing advanced learning choices which later became a burden
  • Poor cognition

How to identify slow learners?

Here are some characters you can see commonly with slow learners.

  • Weak in reading and writing
  • Difficulty in perception
  • Can’t follow multiple directions
  • Working slowly on any task given
  • Poor scoring in-class test or exams
  • Poor or immature interpersonal relationship
  • Lives in the present and no long term goals or unaware of goals
  • Poor master skills in reminding (for e.g. reminding time table or spelling for a single word)
  • Short attention spans and  poor retain after learning
identify slow learners

How to teach for slow learners?

  • Repetition keeps on saying the same thing multiple times will somewhat help them to remain certain things.
  • Encourage their effort keep praising their effort and support them patiently and don’t push them to finish the task rather guide them to do it.
  • Try to make them understand the important concepts and leave the rest so that they will remind it.
  • Give simple instructions to follow
  • Make them practice reading daily and be firm with it.
  • Peer instructions also will work
  • Find out their other activities they can achieve easily and make them do it.
  • Divide the difficult task and using simple instructions and guide them to do it.
  • Repeat the daily work in a repetition mode so that they will understand and remind the work.

Remedial teaching for slow learners

This means re-teaching the unlearned or incorrectly understand skills in the right way repeatedly.

A proper diagnosis and a discussion with the parents help the teacher to understand the defect with the child. If it’s an emotional defect like poor parental attitude then an interview with the parents and psychological support for the child will change it. A medical examination for the child will help us to find any hearing or visual defects.

Tutoring the student in an alternative way like using audio-visual aids, worksheets, and activity learning will help them learn in a better way.

The educational challenge faced by slow learners

Slow learners have very little reasoning skills due to this it is a great challenge to learn new concepts. While others in the same classroom move on with learning new concepts these students need more time. As the gap widens up the students lose their self-esteem and start hating school. Every individual including the slow learner will have a special talent. Finding the special in the child and encouraging it will help the child to build up self-confidence. Make them understand failure is a part of success. Show your trust in them and always support them.

Tips for parents

  • Be patient with your child.
  • Identify the strength and weaknesses of your child and motivate your child to look future in a positive way.
  • Proper counselling is needed for your child to cope up with academic and daily activities. Consulting a psychiatrist will help.
  • NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) in India is recommended for children with slow learning issues.
  • Don’t compare your child with their peer groups. This will make them feel low.
  • Teach them to accept failure and learn from it.

1.What are the activities for slow learners in English?

A slow learner needs a lot of reading and writing practice. Tutors available online pay individual attention to the child and helps to improve reading and writing. Children easily distracted so accommodate in a zero distraction area. Don’t engage them for a long time in a single task instead, break the session and give different activities like music, drama, and storytelling.

2.what is the IQ level of slow learning?

Their scoring will be between 75 and 85 or can be below 75 in severe cases (National Institute of Health). The normal IQ level is 80 to 115. Sometimes they don’t need special education they might need complete support from the parent and teachers for repeated repetition and encourage their efforts.

3.Is slow learning a genetic disorder?

Yes, it can be a genetic disorder like other traits we get from our ancestors. But the advantage is now we have alternative teaching techniques and advanced technology to study the brain functions gives us a hand to help the child compete with the faster-growing world.

4.How to improve slow learning in the class?

Pay attention to the child and spend some time with the child to make he/her feel good.
Praise the effort the child puts into each task.
Teach to accept failure and move forward.
Guide the child to finish the given task instead of assisting.
Tell them hard work never fails.

5.Is slow learning a learning disability?

Slow learning is not a disability but if the IQ score is too low and has other neurological issues considered a learning disability.

5.Is slow learning a learning disability?

Slow learning is not a disability but if the IQ score is too low and has other neurological issues considered a learning disability.

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